Showing Up To The Las Vegas Strip In Style

​How many times have you been to Vegas?

if it’s any more than four, you definitely know how cumbersome of a drive it can be. And really, who wants to deal with the hassle of going to the airport if you’re only a few hours away by car?

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The most enjoyable way to get to Vegas with a bunch of your friends and buddies is to get someone ELSE to drive you so you can spend the time chatting with your dates and whoever else is on board your private luxury Las Vegas limo rental.

A lot of our usuals are club promoters, so they will book a rental with us and pack it full of guys and gals looking for a great time in Sin City. Sometimes the promoters will tell us in advance and we’ll let it be known on our facebook page.

Let me tell ya, travelling three or four hours trying to save gas in a cramped two door is definitely not the way you want to get to Vegas. I mean, I love my friends, but sometimes they smell, their jokes are bad or both!

But when you rent a shuttle or other vehicle you get to walk around, you can move seats and you may even have a a toilet on board! That comes in handy if you did a little too much partying before you even got to Vegas.