Riverside Limo Service For Prom Night

‚ÄčI remember my high school prom night. The guys were all dressed up, the girls were dressed to the nines. I definitely wasn’t getting caught dead driving my beat up, hunk o’ junk dirty van to my high school prom.

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What’d I end up doing?
I called up my buddies and said we should all go in together and rent a limo for us and our 6 dates. It was the best decision we had ever made. Maybe even to this day! (haha, jk)

The most epic night of our lives (up until that day)
started with a full on party bus rolling up in the street and the party ran right on.

This thing was loaded
It what seemed to be the ceiling was taken from a modern cathedral it was so high. I mean, there was an elevated dance floor with lights and everything. I remember lots of TV’s too; we’ll just say I lost count.

Let’s Get Real Though
Seriously, this is probably going to be the single best night of your young adult life (or your children’s).

Don’t skimp on how you’re getting there. One prom my group of friends won a free limo ride to the dance and all that. It didn’t show. We drove up in a beat up school van for all the sport’s teams, it was miserable. Prom night was realy fun talking to the chemistry teacher, when all you wanted to do was party!

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